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Jennifer Alvarado is a singer/songwriter from Vale, North Carolina. Her first EP project titled ''Playing with Fire'' was released in April 2021. She is currently working on a country pop album titled “Songbird” that will be released in Summer 2022. “Songbird” is a two part collection of songs that shows Jennifer’s growth as a writer and is sonically much different than her earlier projects. Her second single from the “Songbird” project, titled ‘’Rock This Way," will be released in June 2022. Her music has a country sensibility with a pop current running through it. Her voice is smooth and passionate with a sweetness and power that merge seamlessly into satisfaction for the listener. Her sound is a mixture of country, pop and blues that reflect an eclectic blend of influences.

She has been recognized locally for her songwriting and was named ''One to Watch'' by Nashville Songwriters Association in Spring 2021. Her songs “IDWYB” and “Filthy Water” were Top 10 Finalists for “Best Pop Song” and “Best Modern Country Song” for the Spring and Summer 2021 World Songwriting Awards. She was just recently named the “2021 Country Artist of the Year” by Indie Star Radio. Her song “Curious” was a Finalist for "Best Pop Song" for the Winter 2022 World Songwriting Awards and won "Best Pop Song" for the Indie Songwriting Awards in Winter 2022. She is currently nominated for five International Singer Songwriter Association Awards, including “Female Vocalist of the Year”, a Josie Award for Female Music Video of the Year for “Filthy Water”, and a Carolina Music Award for Country Female Vocalist of the Year.

What has been your most favorite compliment about your music?

Someone told me a few months ago that my song “Blood is Thicker Than Water” really spoke to them and their own situation. They said it helped to know someone could relate. That connection is why I’ve always wanted to do music. Who do you make your music for?

I do music for the person that feels like they are alone in their situation. I want them to know that while I may not fully understand their personal experience, we all have hurts and feel alone at times, but we are never alone. Talk to us about your latest track?

I just released a song called “Rock This Way.” I actually wrote it after a time of writer’s block. I like to give myself challenges at times. I wanted to see how many of my favorite classic rock songs I could reference and it still makes sense lyrically. I wanted to really have fun with the song while paying tribute to songs that made a difference in my life. Where were you emotionally in your life when you created it?

For “Rock This Way,” I was in a place of transition in my life…hence my writer’s block. Following that block, I went through a difficult period of time both professionally and personally. That period of time is what is illustrated in most of my “Songbird” album…Part One comes out on July 24th. The album outlines the enduring of a narcissistically abusive environment that I found myself in and then the process of rediscovering myself once I left it. What studio experience could you relay to the artist early on in their career?

Find a producer that hears you and understands your vision. I worked with producers early on that didn’t listen to what I wanted for my songs. They called all the shots and made me feel ignorant. Those songs were never released because they no longer felt like mine or something I wanted to share. My producer, Ricky Rodriguez, and I have been working together almost eight years now. From the very beginning, he has respected my vision for my music. We haven’t always agreed and he suggests things at times; however, I have always felt able to express my ideas without judgment. What is the next goal for you?

I want to get this album completed and out. Beyond that, I am planning on releasing Christmas music this year. And I really want to be part of a tour and experience tour life for several months. When is your next single dropping? Can you tell us the name and what inspired it?

“Rock This Way” just dropped last Friday, so I am currently debating which song to release next. I have a really fun song called “Catfish” that I am excited to share, but I have a couple more serious songs that I am contemplating shooting music videos around. Give us your links to find you: Direct Me Page - Official Website - Spotify Artist Profile - Instagram - @jenniferalvaradomusic Tiktok - @jenniferalvaradomusic

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