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Sacred space can be scary. Find out why with the extremely talented Singer/ Songwriter Bobbi Rae!

Where do you get your inspiration from when it comes to your music? My inspiration definitely came from women in the industry who were strong, and dared to be different. women such as Lauren Hill, Betty Davis, Anita Baker, Jill Scott, and India Arie, just to name a few. Where does the soul for your music come from? The Soul Of my Music stems from singing in a baptist church choir. if you didn't have a soul or didn't learn, you weren't singing in the choir lol. How much love are you putting into everything you work on? To be honest I'm completely conducting this entire project out of love. I realized Money isn't the goal. Once I wrapped my head around this concept, things began to happen. Money is the product of the love, hardwork and dedication you put into your passion! Any challenges that come with new music? There are always challenges with new music! One, when you are introducing a new concept, you have to convince an audience to give you a shot without a guarantee of them liking your music or becoming a fan! To be vulnerable and allow people in your world, sacred space can be scary, but is very necessary when your goal is to share your truth. in hopes that many will relate. How do you overcome these obstacles? For me to overcome these obstacles, I have to constantly remind myself that this is my truth, my story, whoever relates wil subscribe, whoever does not, wasn't meant to! What is a new project you can share with us? The newest project is our single "Summer" which we will release this summer! Where can fans stream it? It will be streaming on all digital Platforms #StayTuned

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