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By Colin Naughton

Hip-Hop singer songwriter from Nashville, Tennessee, 2Four has released a new single “Neon Deion” on Friday, August 27th. 2Four’s story telling ability and lyricism are influenced by his life experiences and emotions. He seeks to inspire and connect in an intimate form with people through his music.

“Neon Deion” has a very futuristic, Tron-like beat to it. It carries energy throughout and creates a hype environment. 2Four’s lyrical flow is perfect, and has great rhythm to it. You can hear his talent as a hip-hop/rap artist as well as a songwriter. 2Four talks about greatness and the strive to be great in everything you do, using the great Deion Sanders who was one of the greatest football players to ever play, as inspiration. It tells a great message, be great in everything you do and have the confidence that you can achieve success!

You can stream “Neon Deion” on your preferred streaming platform and you can follow 2Four on Instagram!

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