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By Colin Naughton

Texas born rapper, singer songwriter, producer and engineer, $DVLLV$ (pronounced “Cash Dallas”) has released a new single “444” on October 4th, 2021. $DVLLV$’s passion for music came at an early age when he began playing piano and writing lyrics. $DVLLV$ delivers emotional music that tells tales of his upbringing and the heights that he plans to reach. Just like his non-conforming sound, $DVLLV$ makes music for listeners who see the world as nothing but potential and those looking for something unique and impactful.

“444” is $DVLLV$’s seventh single release of the year and shows his musical talents as he wrote, produced and engineered this track. “444” displays $DVLLV$’s vulnerability and allows listeners to hear his truth. This track has a very cool and melodic beat to it. $DVLLV$ has great flow in this conversation like lyricism. He tells a story that you can envision as you are listening to the song. His lyrics are relatable and talk about everyday life. It’s inspirational and tells some valuable life lessons. $DVLLV$ sings about how some friendships and relationships will leave your life as quickly and easily as they came into your life but you need to keep your strength and move on with your head held high and work towards your goals. “444” is a very well produced song, with cool beats and instrumentals all throughout, it is a great display of $DVLLV$’s musical talent. The beats aren’t overwhelming or taking away from other parts of the song, they fit well with the overall vibe of “444” and his delivery of his lyrics.

You can stream “444” on your preferred streaming service and you can follow $DVLLV$ on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

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