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By: Colin Naughton

R&B/Soul singer songwriter, Jeiris Cook, has released a new single “Date Night” on June 26th, 2021. Cook comes from a long line of musicians, hailing from the South, his deep musical roots are displayed in his vocal delivery and songwriting abilities. He is heavily influenced by the music of 90’s R&B and 60’s-70’s Soul, with a musical style reminiscent of Motown. Cook infuses vintage sounds of soul, folk and rhythm and blues into a beautiful serenade.

“Date Night” begins with a very melodic acoustic guitar progression. It’s a very beautiful riff that captures your attention right off the bat. Then the beat comes in, which is very upbeat and heavy. It pairs wonderfully with Cook’s voice. He is able to emit so much emotion and power in his singing, it really takes you back to early Soul music. You can hear his influences and southern musical roots in this track. The lyrics tell a wonderfully romantic story of taking that person you love and care about out on a date. It’s a simple concept but holds a powerful message! Oftentimes we get caught up in our lives and don’t make the time for those we care about most, this song makes you realize the importance of making that time to show the one you love how much you truly care for them. It’s a beautiful song, I really love the guitar playing and Jeiris Cook’s voice is absolutely sublime!

You can stream “Date Night” on your preferred streaming service and you can follow Jeiris Cook on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and TikTok!

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