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By: Colin Naughton

Soulful Indie pop singer, Nita Chawla, released “Cross The Line” on March 19th, 2021. Nita began her musical journey at the age of 3, singing Hindi songs with her family. She then began to play classical piano and learn a bit of the acoustic guitar before writing her first songs about teenage heartbreak and love. Chawla is an urban girl with a Southern heart and Eastern roots, Nita’s earthy, soothing voice and poetic songs will remind audiences of a soulful Norah Jones, with the depth of Tori Amos and the pop sweetness of Kelly Clarkson.

“Cross The Line” is such a soft, gentle sounding track reminiscent of a Norah Jones or even Stevie Nicks song. It has a wonderfully melodic acoustic guitar to start the song paired with the beautiful voice of Chawla. She sings of breaking down barriers and promotes a strong message of unity and opening our hearts to others. “Cross The Line” slows things down as you listen, you begin to think about the world you live in and those around you. It provides a sense of calming and desire to do better and be a better person. The lyrics provide a great message and Chawla’s singing and harmonies are truly exceptional.

You can stream “Cross The Line” on your preferred streaming service and you can follow Nita Chawla on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

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