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By Colin Naughton

Folk Pop singer songwriter Nomae released her new single “Nothing Holding Me Down” on July 9th, 2021. Her music is easy to listen to with emotional and substantive lyrics. Nomae is a classically trained singer who has worked with many heavy hitters in the film and tv world.

“Nothing Holding Me Down” is a bright, vibrant, warm feeling pop song with a very catchy melody. It’s the type of song that immediately puts the listener in a good cheerful mood. Nomae showcases her vocal range and talent as a singer. The chorus makes you want to sing along with her while the keyboards, drums and synthesizers create soothing pop sounds. The lyrics are uplifting and motivational, inspiring the listener that they will persevere and accomplish their goals.

You can stream “Nothing Holding Me Down” on your preferred streaming service. You can also follow Nomae on Instagram.

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