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"All I Want For Christmas" by Mariah Carey is also one of our favorite holiday songs!! Always a hit!!!!

Hi Natasha! Thanks for being here!

Hi! It’s great to be here

If you had to sum up music in three words, which would you choose?

Therapeutic, Grounding, Enchanting

Have you celebrated any recent victories? If so, tell us!!

Yes, actually! My song West Coast Girl has over 225K streams which is the highest that any of my songs have reached yet so that big personal victory. And…today I just reached 100K on my IG account! I thought I’d never get there!

Do you have any superstitions?

Not really where I truly believe in them. But, I am logical about things though, like “don’t walk under a ladder”!

If you had a time machine would choose to go back in time to visit the future?

I don’t think I would choose to visit the future actually. Your journey maybe wouldn’t make sense if you saw it from another time. What makes your journey beautiful are all the things that happened along the way.

Do you have a favorite holiday song?

Mariah Carey’s, "All I Want for Christmas" has always been a favorite. I actually remember in middle school practicing to sing that song to my boyfriend lol. My girlfriends videotaped it at a sleepover but I chickened out on sending it to him in the end! I also like "Santa Baby" and all the different versions of that.

Are there any holiday traditions you are looking forward to this season?

Staying home and making lots of cookies and shopping since I haven’t really done much of that this year :-)

How do you usually recharge?

I re-charge by pampering myself with facials, massages, and sleep! I don’t usually find the time for the first two very often, but sleep I make sure I get every right. It’s a necessity.

Please tell our readers where they can follow you!

Yes! You can find me on my website or on my socials!



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Thank you for your time!

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