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You're not going to want to miss this interview we got the honor to have with the phenomenally talented band Drop Top Alibi! They share with us about finding their sound, new music on its way and it's music to our ears!

Hi Drop Top Alibi! Thank you for taking the interview with us! Your latest single "Not Your Average Sunday Morning" is sick! How did the song come about!?

Thank you so much for having us, appreciate the love for the new song as well! Sunday Morning is a fun tune that got written during the pre - drink for our New Year’s Eve party heading into 2019. We played the song a bunch on our festival run that summer and it got a lot of great feedback. We decided to produce it ourselves earlier in 2020, and it was a great step towards us sonically finding our sound and our studio process.

Is there any new music on it's way for 2021!?

Absolutely there will be. Much like everyone else, we spent 2020 inside by ourselves. Gave us a lot of time to work through material and write new stuff as well. Definitely will be ready to release some stuff later this year!

Do you ever get writer's block? How do you deal with it if you do?

Oh yea lol it happens quite a bit. Whether it’s total blockage and nothing comes for a while, or if we get half - way through a song and need to step away from it because it’s stuck. Usually we just wait it out, try to listen to more music, new music, get back to basics a bit too. We found that for us it’s usually an inspirational thing, so we let shit happen and pick it up when it starts to flow.

Would you consider yourself someone with a strict routine that you have to have in order to create new music?

Not really, especially getting started. Usually Brando writes a riff, or a verse / chorus and we go from there. Finishing the song usually happens together in our space, but the song's inceptions come from anywhere and everywhere.

How do we keep up with Drop Top Alibi and go and listen to "Not Your Average Sunday Morning?, all of our streaming and social platforms are available!

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