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Interview with Suzanne's Band:

Can you tell us when was the moment you knew music needed to be your life's work?

In 2011, I knew I wanted to do something with music with whatever time I have left on this planet but didn’t know what.

Where does the soul of your music come from?

I definitely think it’s a God given desire combined with years of having the right music mentors in my life and the influences of such varied artists during the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s.

What is at the heart of your music?

I have the desire to create songs that are understandable and speak to the heart of the listener.

How would you describe your sound to people who may have not heard your music yet?

A mix of Bonnie Raitt, Sheryl Crow and Brandi Carlile.

How much love do you put into putting music together?

It depends on the song. Some take longer than others. Where the love comes into play is when I lay out all the songs to create the album.

Who is your latest music dedicated to?

The myriad of folks involved in giving their time & energy to make the project come together and to God for the wisdom, guidance and gift of music and songwriting.

As you create more music for the world to sing to, what is the ultimate goal?

Create new projects that are timeless with an energy and quality that attract new listeners.

Is there music that you aren't prepared to release yet? Why?

No, only a folder full of songs that need to be finished.The business and performance side of the music business often drains the hours needed to go spend the hours I need in the creation space to work on new music.

Americana, Country-Blues combination Suzanne's Band is the official vehicle driven by Texas based singer/songwriter Mia Suzanne Walker. Suzanne’s career highlights include her recent acceptance into the Recording Academy (Grammy’s) and her rapid development as an established You Tube artist. Suzanne’s live shows are a blend of music covering the last seven decades, and are usually a mix of classic rock, pop and country. Booking is available as a solo, duo, trio or full band act. Suzanne’s original songs are also woven into the set list. The non-genre specific approach to Suzanne’s songwriting creates an entirely different basis to build on along with introspective ideals and the importance of self-worth laced into the lyrics. If you're looking for a deeper connection to life through music, Suzanne's Band is it!

The most recent album Ice and Fire dropped earlier this year. All social media, You Tube, website, latest album link, etc. can be found in one easy link at

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