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Learn about the heart and art of Nadine Hart...

What do you have in the works right now? Right now I’m working with the 68 Cent Crew Theatre Company to create a one act festival of completely new and original work written by the company members. I’m quite new to the company so I’m excited to audition for the shows and try out producing and directing! It’s an annual thing and I’m looking forward to writing one for next year already. I’m also working on a podcast, with the group Circle of Inequity, designed to help raise awareness about disabled and chronically ill performers as well as being chronically ill in itself. I have Hypermobility Syndrome and it’s tough when not many people know about your illness or, sadly, even understand. I want to change that. As well as adding some light hearted jokes and comedy bits too. How would you describe your art? Eclectic, probably a bit eccentric too. I’d describe it as something that comes straight from my heart and soul…I want it to be honest even if you may not see the logic straight away. That’s probably why I love abstract art; truth but unseeable logic. What does a day look like for you? I take the time each day to teach accents and dialects not just for shows but also listening to people who speak English as a second or additional language and want to sound closer to American or British English. I always do some form of yoga and strength stretches, it also helps clear my mind! Depending on the day I’ll join meetings with the 68 Cent Crew Theatre Company or Circle of Inequity but everyday I find something to write about. I love to cook as well and especially after a tough day it’s always nice to have a decent home cooked meal, I love the occasional takeout but there’s not usually any love in them. Do you ever feel guilty for taking a day off? Always. I hate not working or being creative. It makes me feel behind! Everyone looks toward art everyday and if I’m not working, telling important stories, someone else will be. I felt terrible having a day off after having my second dose of the vaccine for goodness sake! My mind was on work things and thinking about a commercial I wrote too…it’s hard to shut off sometimes. Anything unreleased that you want to release but don't feel it's ready? There’s a few things I’ve written that I’d love to get started on filming. Even though I have a slight fear that people won’t like it and being the typical writer I am, it's never quite perfect in my eyes. I hope to start on a few soon and send them to a few festivals. Having people just see my work, despite what they think of it, is exciting to think about. Where can our audience follow you? I can be found and contacted at my website - And my Instagram and TikTok - @n_e_hart

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