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Ashleigh Rey reveals the big dreams she has for herself as an entertainer!

How many times do you have to listen to your new music before you feel like it's officially finished?

I honestly listen too much and never feel like anything is truly finished. It's one of the reasons I really have to rely on other people in my life (my producers and other musicians I work with) to give their input on when a song feels ready. What do you want to make clear with your music to those listening?

I want it to be clear that it's okay to not be okay. It's okay to feel and to not understand why life happens to us in the way that it does. I hope my music offers some form of solidarity in the experiences others may be having. Are you making new music right now?

I am. I'm currently writing tons of new songs and in the process of working with other songwriters to deepen my body of work. Is there a bigger picture that you're looking at with where you want your career to go?

I think everyone, especially musicians, dream big. We want to play the stadiums and to sell out shows and to release a chart topping hit. However, my biggest hope is that in 5-10 years I will have a community of fans who all bond over the shared experiences described in my music. That's the dream. To have a community who understands your music and sings it back to you. Please share with us the inspiration behind you as an artist?

The inspiration is simple. I'm a girl who didn't know how to express her emotions with words until they were put to music. Once I figured that out, I couldn't do anything but become an artist.

Where are you going next so we can follow!

You can follow me on instagram: @antidepressed_ash

or on Spotify: Ashleigh Rey

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