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Dear Genre introduces us to his blend of sounds in his latest single 'Body of Water'.

Body of Water is a whole vibe! Congratulations on your release!

Thank you very much! It was a fun process.

Loved the teaser video on IG! Where can new fans find it?

Thank you! You can find the teaser on the band's Instagram and Facebook but more importantly, you'll be able to find the Official video on YouTube, Facebook and Instagram tonight at 4:30pm! How do you start the process of making a new song?

Lately, the process of creating a new song starts with a melody that comes out of the blue and gets stuck in my head. Sometimes the ideas come out in pieces, and might take a while to figure out on the acoustic guitar but other times I'll have a complete song come to my head. Then the trick is getting it into a computer before I forget it. How would you describe the single for those who haven't listened yet?

"Body of Water" is an interesting blend of sounds. People can expect dreamy, shoe-gaze like verses with an extremely poppy chorus. Given the subject matter, I tried offsetting the heaviness by using simple, easy lyrical rhymes. I suppose if one saw these lyrics on paper, they very well may think they were from a nursery rhyme.

Is there a different love level you have for each of your songs?

Absolutely. I probably have a different level of love for each of my songs and some I don't love at all anymore. How much time do you have to make sure you spend on new music?

There hasn't been many times in my life where I actively have to make room in my schedule for music. It's always been my number one passion and love. Even when there aren't instruments around and I'm busy with my day job, I'm still thinking about the next melody or composition. Is there a fine line of revealing too much of yourself in your music?

I do think there's a fine line of revealing too much of yourself through your music. Oftentimes those are the things that get cut or make it into songs in a cryptic way, never to be explained. What is the secret in making sure you release Body of Water with ALL the confidence?

A few secrets (that are not really secrets) to making this release a confident and successful one will be meticulous scheduling, pre-planning, and allowing my Management team, BsquaredMGMT, to guide me through the process! Share all the Socials and links to stream Body of Water NOW!

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