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Hi The Brkn! Thank you for taking this interview with us! Congratulations on your music! How exciting! How long have you been making music?

I’ve been doing music since I was about 8 and have been in bands/writing music since I was about 13. It’s been a long time and I wouldn't trade any of it for the world. I can’t wait for a lifetime of ripping.

Why did you choose the title for the new music?

Basically “Coffee” came about because I was listening to the music in my AirPods at a coffee shop called Monk and Mongoose. I had been struggling with the melody/words to it. But for some reason the vibe of the shop and the taste of the coffee spark something in me. The words and melodies flew out with flying colors like they had already been written. I just needed the right vibe around me. Thanks to Coffee. So that’s the story!

Can you tell our audience what the song is about?

The song is about a one sided relationship that you can’t seem to get out of no matter how hard you try. You know they’ve had one foot out the door since the day you met but still you cling onto the feeling they give you. Like a true hopeless romantic. They give reasons time and time again to leave but somehow in your mind you pretend like it’s okay. But in your heart you really aren’t okay with it.

Why did you choose to release the music now?

We wanted to have some new material out as we were about to go out on our first EU/UK tour as well as another US tour! We hoped the new fans we’d be making on the road would like to have some fresh material to listen to.

Can you tell us the journey about making the music?

It was honestly much faster than we normally like. But seeing as we were only recording 2 singles we wanted to get them out quick and really focus on following our gut. We recorded them in Colorado which was different because we normally work in Nashville. We still had Mason Maxwell produce though so it was still the best vibe to work in. We did a lot of recording in different locations including drums in a church gym and voice memo recordings from my place. It was an adventure that we want to try and recreate for a full EP coming soon.

What kind of journey was it for you to be ready to release the music?

Honestly it was a massive creative ride. We did a lot of photo shoots, video shoots and graphic design work. A lot of posts on insta and Spotify/AppleMusic presale links. We also did a lot of uploading to YouTube. It’s always a riot getting ready for music to drop.

Where can new fans stream it?

All of our music is available through any music platform you prefer! Spotify, Applemusic, Youtube, Pandora, Google Play, Soundcloud etc.

How do they follow you?

Please follow us on our Instagram and Spotify/Applemusic and Youtube. All under @thebrkn or The BRKN

What's next for you!

Next up we have a new EP to write and record that we cannot wait to get finished and get out into the world!! Be on the lookout but in the meantime please stream and watch all of our music/videos :)

Thank you for this interview!

Band | The BRKN

THE BRKN is an alt pop band based out of Denver, CO. They formed in 2019, and since then have released two EP's, two singles, and have done ahandful of touring with an upcoming run through the UK and Europe this fall.

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