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We LOVED talking to the exciting Singer/ Songwriter Codi Dillon about his inspired futuristic 3D art, new music on its way and the catharsis of creating it all!

We are loving your style and music Codi!! Your latest album "Collusion" is sick! How did you come up with the artistic direction for it!?

During quarantine I was so creatively woke, and all of the ideas came as I was finishing the album. The album symbolizes a manufactured futuristic society. And creating a rebellion within the society to become yourself. I drew a lot of inspiration from futuristic 3D art and the raver kid scene.

Is there any new music on it's way for 2021!?

I am working on a few projects at the moment that I can’t wait to share. I definitely want to release a few singles in the coming year, but I’m not tying myself down to just one project! But A LOT is to come within this next year from CODI DILLON.

Do you ever get writer's block? How do you deal with it if you do?

I do! In fact I’ve been dealing with it these few months, after the album. I guess it’s just the exhaustion from putting my ALL into the record, but I’m just so invested in it and the era I created around it, I can’t mentally take myself out of it to create something new. I do struggle sometimes though with finding new directions or concepts that I want my music to emulate. I definitely have so many thoughts it’s hard to coral them in. I like to just feed my brain with knowledge and creative things until I feel the spark to start creating.

Would you consider yourself someone with a strict routine that you have to have in order to create new music?

Yes & No. I’m a very strict and disciplined person when it comes to my career & work. However, with the process of creating, I can be all over the place or completely strategic and coordinated. There’s no set pattern to success of creating my work, it just sort of happens in a cathartic way.

How do we keep up with you Codi and go and listen to "Collusion"?!

Follow me on social media, or on my website (

Instagram - @codi.Dillon

Twitter - @thecodidillon

Facebook -

YouTube - Codi Dillon

And download and stream my music on APPLE MUSIC & SPOTIFY.

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