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Billboard Charting Artist Kim Cameron lets us in on the Love, Music and Soul of her music !

What kind of love do you make sure you give to yourself?

Well, I love to have my mani and pedi done on a weekly basis. It’s kinda like makeup for me. If I do not have clean looking hands and feet, it just doesn't feel right.

How is your music bringing change into the world?

Gosh, I do not know! I hope it brings people to smile, maybe laugh and hold each other a little bit closer. I am all about love, so if people listen to a song and get inspired to dance close or call an old flame, then, I am pretty happy. I would say, I did my job.

How much of your soul do you put into everything you do?

All of my soul goes into each and every project, every song, every book, every video, every movie. Good thing I have a lot of souls or I would run out! You really can’t have a project delivered without your heart and soul a part of each and every tiny little bit.

Talk to us about any new music coming up?

I just released a couple of new singles called Show Me You Feel! There are several remixes and it’s already charting on the DJ charts! The music video has already received a couple of awards, so I am super pumped!

You have a new exciting movie premiering soon! Give us all the details!

It’s going to be held outside at the WYN 317 Art Gallery, in the heart of Miami, on April 2nd, surrounded by ice cream, popcorn, sandwiches, a mascot (Oliver the Octopus, from the movie), red carpet, and painted walls! We have a lot of the stars coming to the premiere so I am very excited! It starts at 6 pm for the red carpet and pictures, and then at sunset the movie begins! 93 minutes of super colorful animation! It’s been a labor of love over the past 4 years, so yes, I am ready!

'Seaper Powers' is such a powerful platform that you've created for yourself. What can you tell the artist that wants to venture out from what they're currently doing?

I wish I had a cookbook to give out to those who want to try this adventure, but I have to say, I really have learned along the way and decided really to expand the brand based on gut feel. I had no idea in 2014 that 1 book would turn into plush toys, coloring books, albums and a movie. But, I kind of like that it grew organically. So far, it feels right.

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