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Talking to the dance party king Omar Veluz about the work that goes into the party!

We are loving your music! And we heard you have a song that's going to be featured in a feature length film! Can you tell us how that came about? Thank you so much for loving my music. I do have a song which will be the Theme Song to a Feature Length Horror Movie. The movie is titled "Scare Us" and the song is titled "Do You Really Wanna". It was a very amazing process working on the song. I was connected with the movie executives through my amazing publicist and friend Jeff Hare. I submitted a couple ideas for the song and they loved one of the options I sent them. I then tailored the song for the movie and the outcome, in my opinion, is pretty great! The song itself is unlike anything else I have ever released. It is very dark and fits within the genre of Industrial Rock. The lyrics are very aggressive and dark, they fit the mood of the movie perfectly. The Music Video, produced by Falling Flame Pictures and directed by Ryan Johnson, one of the Movie's directors, came out incredibly. I am very excited for all of you to watch the music video and the movie; I was given a cameo in the movie!

Who is the first person you share anything new with? The first person that I shared anything new with for the longest time had been my mother. Now, as things have gotten a little busier, naturally I share everything with my assistant first. She has been of a lot of help with my growth. Her name is Roberta Rauscher, however, known as Jo. I make sure to run everything with my manager Quinn Coleman and my publicist Jeff Hare before I move forward with anything first. They both are huge fish in Hollywood, I am very lucky and blessed to have both of them on my team. They both have said they've seen something special in me and offered to extend their help to me which is not something that commonly happens in Hollywood. There isn't anything that I don't share with both Quinn and Jeff first. Do you have any projects in the works that you can share with us? There are a couple projects that I am able to share with you. I am finally getting back into the studio to work with some of my favorite producers. Covid has made it very interesting and challenging for everyone. I have been performing a couple of my demos online during my live performances. One of everyone's favorites is "Rose Like Petals" which is a song I will be completing and releasing this year. "Rose Like Petals" is one of my few heartbreak/breakup songs, I try to keep all my writing very positive. Another song I hope to be releasing this year is "Bat out of Hell" which is another demo I have been showcasing during my live performances. And to fully let you in on my plans for this year, I am hoping to release a Holiday/Christmas EP for the 2021 Holiday Season. How much fun do you have recording? It feels like a dance party when we're listening! Are there any challenges behind the scenes? Thank you so much for thinking that I make it feel like a dance party. That is what I always intend to go for when I write, record, and perform my music. I have a lot of fun recording. Going into the studio is one of my favorite things to do. I also love rehearsing with backup dancers (I used to be a professional dancer myself), and I love performing live in front of my audience. Going into the studio allows me to get into "work mode" and hash the melody, lyrics, and feel of the song out with the producer I am working with at the time. If there is trust and honesty between the producer and I, the experience can be quite magical! I feel very lucky to be able to do what I've dreamt of doing everytime I walk into a studio to record. There are many challenges behind the scenes for an artist. Ultimately, in my opinion, the job of the artist is to set a positive and uplifting vibe for everyone. An artist with a bad attitude is never one that people want to be around or work with. An artist's job is, and should always be to be pleasant and easy to work with. This, at times, can be challenging because everyone has their own opinions and thoughts about things. Overall, being an artist, no matter from which angle you try to look at it, is challenging. I take my work very seriously and always maintain a positive and pleasant environment for myself and those around me.

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