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Adam Rich talks what kind of music he loves making.

Where does the soul of your music come from?

I love emotional songs so I try to create that emotion in my productions through melodies and chords. Whenever I hear a new song with a great melody, I instantly fall in love with it so I try to carry that over into my projects. Talk to us about your latest single! How did it come about?

My latest single was actually started a long time ago in my old apartment. I believe I was actually on my couch just watching tv and decided to see if I could get down an idea for a new song. I first created the drop section and then decided I wanted to start the song a little differently than most of my other productions. So the beginning of the song is a little darker and less melodic than usual and then builds towards a more uplifting and energetic beat. The vocalist was also able to match the energy of the song very well and it all came together after she provided the lyrics and melody. What is your favorite part about the song?

I think my favorite part about the song is that the lyrics, mood, and structure of the song are a little different than what is being released today. The most powerful instrument in music is the voice and I love that the lyrics don't focus on the same themes we often hear today. How would you describe it in one word?

Emotional How much love do you put into putting your records together?

I truly put everything I have into each record from the overall idea and production to the smallest details that maybe 1% of listeners will notice. For me, the song can never go anywhere until I love the main melody which can take many sessions to get right. If I don't feel anything when I listen to it, then I don't think my fans will either. Who do you get the most inspiration from musically?

I get inspiration from other producers and artists across all genres. I would say I draw more inspiration from dance music producers the most since I produce it but anything that makes me feel some type of emotion when listening is what I love. Who do you want to work with the most musically?

I have so many but to start, it would be amazing to work with Audien, Tritonal, Coldplay, and Matisse & Sadko. Talk to us about new music?

I have many new songs that are on the way and I am so excited to share them with the world. The majority of them fall into the category of progressive house but they all have amazingly talented singer/songwriters that did such incredible jobs with these projects. The songs all have different moods from happy to sad and everything in between. Is there more music you haven't released still in the vault?

Yes I have tons of finished instrumentals that I love even more than what I have already released. However, I am still searching for new vocalists to fit those songs but I'm hoping to find a bunch and finish them soon!


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