The energy of Zavier O'Keith is one of his many recipes to his music.

Where does the soul come from when you're writing?

My country and soulful family! Growing up in the south has taught me a lot about warmth and passion; I harness that when I’m writing and in my everyday life. As long as what I’m writing is my truth, everything comes out so naturally and rich with soul. Being genuine is very important to my process! That’s the only way I know how to write even if the story is coated in metaphors and similes, the feeling is the same when you’re listening.

How much love goes into your music?

Love is one of the many “recipes” I use when writing. Sometimes I’m angry and need to process my rage. It’s like how people scream or punch walls, except I don’t do those things and they do nothing for me. I imagine it’s the same sensation I get when I write something from that same place. That goes for love, joy, sadness, etc. a lot of my mental processing comes from writing music. In the grand scheme, I do put a lot of time and passion into what I create and to me that’s love.

How do you mentally prepare to record a new song?

I'm pretty excited about recording! I always plan out days/weeks for recording depending on the size of the project. It’s very important to remember how satisfying it is to finish a recording because sometimes my brain hurts just thinking about doing everything myself; all the setting up, takes and takes of vocals, putting away equipment, and engineering everything afterwards. Instead of thinking about all of the detailed steps, I think about all of the times I’ve finished something and how good it feels to hear everything back again.

How long does this process usually take?

Depends on my energy and how complicated the song is. Sometimes I write things that require a lot of details in the production and vocals. Typically the recording process takes me 2 - 3 hours for a session and if I need to go back again it takes about an hour to get all the extra parts/retakes in there. The engineering afterwards takes days. I really like to take time and listen for little pockets in the song where I can add effects or more instruments. Plus mixing is it’s own headache!

New music on its way?

I have a 7 track EP called “Interlude I: Hours” coming on August 6th! It took me 7 months to get this thing finished up and I’m so proud of what I’ve created! It’s a huge step up from my debut album from 2019. It’s a much more mature project and it shows variety in my style as a producer and artist!

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