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Erini Nomikou talks the music vibes for 2021!

How long have you been singing?

My parents would always sing to me since I was a baby and I would try to hum the melodies back. At the age of 4, I sang my first solo at my kindergartens school play hahaha! My first vocal class however, was when I turned 13. I am now 24 and I haven’t stopped singing ever since.

What's your favorite song to sing?

Right now, from my original songs my favorite song to sing is “Parents”. From other artists' songs, I am obsessed with Dua Lipa's “Levitating”!!

What's your vibe for 2021?

The vibe is one and this is GOOD VIBES! Just feel every second and embrace good and bad, put colors and fun in life! Being myself is my vibe!

Who are you spending the most time with creating music?

My sister! We always write, sing and create music together. Us living in the same house is also very helpful!

Is there anything special that is coming up for you?

Yeeeees! My album “Anthropolection” is dropping soon. And also I have my first live show since the pandemic, at the El Cid on the 24th of June! Tickets are available, just shoot me a message on socials and you’re in!

Leave us with some positivity! What is a mantra you want to be remembered by?

I’m going to quote a 90 year old woman that I talked to in one of my shows and really inspired me. She said: “Music, Dance, and Sex that’s what’s most important in life”


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