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Get to know who inspires Sihan Cui and how she has inspired.

You are such a talented artist! What inspires your work?

“Everyone has to know that somebody knows that they’ve existed. It was not for nothing.” People’s fascinating life story always inspires me. In the context of the era we live in, the destiny and experience of individuals are more important to me. People are caught in the wave of the times, and they are constantly struggling in this wave. I think it’s rather important to tell the stories of individuals through the lens, proving that they were part of the time and the traces they have been left behind. Who pushes you to keep going? Chinese Documentary filmmaker Xu tong is the one director I always admire. His films always focus on marginalized groups and would always transform the labeled social identity into living people with actual emotions. In this film, people’s social identity is diluted, and their experiences and emotions as individuals are highlighted. To a certain extent, they got to break through the shackles of others, and the viewers had the opportunity to know them as great individuals instead of a blurry group figure. This perspective and spirit have been pushing me to keep going. With everything happening in the world, how do you want to contribute in a positive way with your work? I hope to tell people's life stories with the lens. “This is the meaning and charm of literature and art – to get a person out of his limited, narrow life track, to perceive, understand, and even live the lives of others.” This is a quote by my favorite documentary film director Xu Tong. Usually, people don't pay much attention to how people outside their familiar life circle live. Because of the lack of understanding, there is a lack of empathy. However, the fact is that some people's lives may be harmed for various reasons but remain silent. I hope I can give a voice to people who can’t really speak for themselves, to let more and more people know about such things happening in reality. There are very ordinary people like you and me suffering, not just numbers in the data report. What are your goals personally and professionally that you've set for yourself this year? Personally, I hope I can keep critical thinking in any condition. Professionally, I hope I can finish the production of the documentary film "The Wave". How do we keep up to date and follow your cool journey? Personal website: Instagram:

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