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We have an incredible interview we got to do with the extraordinary Singer/ Songwriter Jordan Massey about his "heartless" EP, exciting news for his fans and making fans in us!

Hi Jordan!! Thank you for being a part of this interview!! How are you ending your holiday season?! We've heard your latest EP "Heartless" and it's rad! Are you enjoying the response to the music?!

No, thank you so much for having me!! I’m ending the holiday season with giving back mainly, I’ve been canvassing for the humane society, advocating for animals that really need support right now. And I’m so glad you guys enjoyed “heartless” it’s definitely a special EP for me and I’ve enjoyed every second of creating it, I’ve received so much love from this project and I’m just overwhelmed and grateful to be able to tell my story and it helps others in such a distinct way. It’s rewarding for sure!

Anything on the horizon for the new year that you can share with us?!

Yeah!! So for the “3Am” fans out there, the music video for it will be released before the new year! It’s very special to me and it’s definitely a different version to it than you expect! I’m excited to share this soon and can’t wait for everyone to see it!!!

In your opinion is it better to be an independent artist or to have the backing of a label in 2020?

I’m not sure how the label world goes, I know for sure that being independent is definitely a challenge sometimes. You have financial worries and it can be mentally draining but it also has its perks when it comes to you really being in full control of your career and being able to talk about what’s really on your mind, not what you think other people want to hear. I always referred to music as my way of having self expression and those who relate will naturally support you.

What do you want people to appreciate about your artistry?

If anything the journey and growth. I grow more and more as an artist each and every minute of the day and I feel like through my music you can tell. I’m not seeking approval or anything from anyone but for those who are really invested in me and believe in my music. I learn and adapt always and I know it’s ok to be open and honest about it.

We are excited for what's coming up for you Jordan!! Please tell our audience how they can stay connected with you so they don't miss a beat!

Hey, so I’m on Instagram at : @Jordvnmassey

And my website is

For Press Inquiries:

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