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Naomi Sky talks loving love and putting all the love into her music!

Where does the soul of your music come from?

The soul of my music comes from my heart, and I’m inspired by everything I experience and feel. I believe in something greater than myself, so I believe that is where my inspiration truly comes from. Talk to us about your latest single 'With You'! How did it come about?

I’m a very romantic person, I love watching romantic comedies, and I also like to share my dating experiences with my best friends. This song was inspired by conversations about how love can feel passionate and romantic. What is your favorite part about the song?

My favorite part about the song is the riff in the chorus! I feel like it embodies longing and desire, and it’s so fun to sing! How would you describe it in one word?

Sensual How much love do you put into writing your records?

I love “Love”, and I love music! I believe every work of art is an expression of the artist, so I think my music is filled with lots of love. My writing comes from a place of wanting to be honest and acknowledge what I’m feeling with love and acceptance, truly embracing those emotions. Who do you get the most inspiration from musically?

I’ve been a huge Katy Perry fan since I was in 5th grade, and she really inspires me with her honest writing and uplifting messages and production in her music! Along with Ariana Grande and the way she writes her lyrics, making them feel so uniquely her; both women are huge inspirations for me! Who do you want to work with the most musically?

I would love the opportunity to work with Katy Perry! I feel like she would be great at encouraging me to think outside-of-the-box with my creativity Talk to us about new music?

I just released “With You” on August 27th, and it’s out on all streaming platforms! Is there more music you haven't released still in the vault?

Yes I have a full album that I haven’t released yet! I’m so excited to continue sharing these songs and my music because they explore a topic that is really close to my heart: Vulnerability. Socials:

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