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Singer/ Songwriter Chris Koehn talks enjoying every moment. The good or bad and staying present.

Where does the soul come from when you're writing?

Having experienced my brother´s death, the message my soul is trying to spread is happiness, to enjoy every little moment, good or bad and to stay present. Death & change are the only two things we have for sure in this life, the more we practice it in a zen, spiritual way, the happier we will be.

How much love goes into your music?

All my heart goes into every song. I don't make music to be known or famous, so it is not that commercial. I make music to connect with each other's heart trying to make everyone feel better while listening and to reflect & make a better world.

How do you mentally prepare to record a new song?

With my everyday routines & hobbies: meditation, yoga, running in nature, healthy food, enjoying life, going to museums, watching art movies, playing with my dog, making love to my wife, traveling, surfing, snowboarding, reading, a nice single malt, designing at my workshop ( Architecture ). I see all of my activities as a part of the creative process.

How long does this process usually take?

A few years ago it took quite a lot, almost 5 months per song! Since 2018 when I released Music For Films for Cleopatra Records in LA, I learned a more efficient recording, exploring and composing process. So now it takes around 1.5 months to record a song ( 1 week composing, 3 weeks pre recording, and 2 weeks producing & mixing ).

New music on its way?

Yes !! I released my new EP LIVE FROM HOME* last week, and next month the first single of my new album will be released. I’m really happy with the result of the new EP, it has nice collabs by musicians I admire and the synergy with Jerry, my producer has been really great.

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