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Grayhunter talk specific messaging in their music.

Where does the soul of your music come from?

The soul of our music comes from having strong, specific messages that we want to convey. Many of our songs cover heavy themes like mental illness, survivors of assault, and more, so we really are playing from our soul. It makes us raw and vulnerable in the best way for our fans and listeners.

How much love do you put into writing your records?

It's safe to say that we put all the love we have and beyond into our music.

Who do you get the most inspiration from musically?

Some of our favorite artists that we get inspiration from are System of a Down, Journey, Rush, The Joy Formidable, Pat Metheny, G-Dragon, and Josh Ramsay.

Who do you want to work with the most musically?

We'd like to work with Porter Robinson (for his ability to produce music that is relatable and emotional), Ozzy Osbourne (for his amazing sound and overall energy), and Josh Ramsay (for his incredible compositions and arrangements).

Talk to us about new music?

Check out our latest release, "Waves"! Our guitarist Dave Cooper also just released a single called "Biodiversity" from his solo project The Pursuit of Color. And frontwoman Reisha Cadelina released a song with Did We Just titled "St. Nobody's Day".

Is there more music you haven't released still in the vault?

We do have a couple of songs up our sleeves that we plan to release later this year. Stay tuned!


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