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Emily Daccarett talks about making her mark in music and setting the mood.

What is a choice you've made that sticks out to you that landed you where you are today in your career?

I had put my dreams of being a singer on the side to focus on becoming a fashion designer and building my brand. While getting ready for my first fashion show, I produced a short fashion film to tell the story behind the collection. Getting the license to the song I wanted to use was taking too long, so in the end we decided to go with a film composer and write an original song. We didn’t have much time to look for a French singer and lyricist, so the composer asked me to do it. We worked on the song, became incredible friends, and that was the first of many music collaborations with him.

What is the strangest part of the music industry?

The vast majority of artists do not make much money from their music.

Is there something that you would change if you could about how the industry is run?

I would give us artists a higher percentage of streaming revenue so we can keep on creating more music.

What do you feel like you do seamlessly when it comes to your craft?

Coming up with a story and finding the right references. Everything I do includes visuals and that helps shape the music and fashion.

What do you feel like you have to work on daily when it comes to your craft?

Writing! It’s the same as working out, if you stop you get out of practice.

Is there a story where you thought you tripped up in your career but it turned out to be a beautiful surprise?

I stopped doing fashion shows and decided to do a gallery show that showcased the campaign pictures. With that gallery, I worked with my composer on various songs to perform on the last day of the gallery. After the show I realized there was so much I had to learn, and it couldn’t be something I picked up here and there. I needed to commit to my craft. I took time off and devoted myself to my music and became a musical artist.

Name the most beautiful part of being an artist?

Compassion! Having the opportunity to express yourself in different ways helps form a connection to others and you can better understand their perspective on life, love, fear and so much more.

What touches your soul in particular when it comes to your music?

I use my music to capture moments in time. Things we have forgotten can be triggered by my music and that’s what I experience with mine.

How are you making your mark with your music?

My love for film influences my music and the mood it sets. I hope I’m sparking an interest in the classics and an appreciation for the artists that have shaped our lives. I feel a true artist doesn’t seek money, we need it to create and live, but that’s not what art is about. It’s about changing the world, uniting people of different backgrounds, to spark curiosity, and challenge the way we think.

Can you talk about your latest single? Can you talk about the origins of it?

My latest single Fading Memories came from the resentment I feel towards time. It’s the one thing we can not change, and we take for granted all the time. It is the internal monologue I had in confronting the dreams I had as a child and had abandoned as I grew up. There are a lot of references to Peter Pan in my upcoming album!


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