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Maxx talks about personal and emotional moments from her music and what songs from other artists motivates her!

What kind of songs are most near to your heart of yours?

Out of the three that I have out right now, probably “Breaking Out” at the moment because it’s so personal and emotional. It’s about a huge breakthrough I had in my life that changed me and my life so much! But I definitely have some songs that are unreleased that will be released very soon that mean a lot to me as well.

What songs are most near to your heart from other artists?

Definitely the song “Not Afraid” by Eminem! I always say that that song saved my life. It’s definitely one of my go to songs when I need help getting out of dark places or motivation to keep going. Also the song “Clean” by Taylor Swift. It’s a very special song to me. It's a very relatable song to me as well.

Artists are always their own hardest critics. How do you make sure you aren't being too hard on yourself when it comes to creating your art?

I'm actually still trying to figure that out LOL! But when I feel that I am starting to get hard on myself when creating I either make myself take a little bit of a break and go back to it. I also sometimes just have a realistic talk with myself so that I’m thinking more clearly or express how I’m feeling to someone so that I have another view on it.

Tell us a story that brings you joy about your career?

I recently started connecting with some of my fans on social media and a few of them have expressed to me that my music has saved or changed their lives in amazing ways. Hearing that is the best feeling in the entire world because that is why I am putting my music out there; in hope to help others with my own stories and experiences. To see that’s actually happening is one of the biggest rewards I’ve ever received.

Give us all your info to keep up to date with you!

My Instagram is Maxx.Nies, my Snapchat is Maxx.Nies, you can find me on all music platforms under Maxx, you can also find my Facebook page under Maxx as well and my website is

This is a link to all of my socials and website as well!

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