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Find out who inspires the actress Nadine Hart!

What are you currently working on?

I recently got offered a part for one of the opening quarters of the 68 Cent Crew Theatre Company’s annual one act event. A basic synopsis would be that a spacecraft is waylaid from its usual routine by an encounter with the unknown and it was written, as all content for this festival are, by a fellow company member. I was actually part of the reading committee and saw its first draft, it’s been really great seeing it work up to where it is now. I really loved it when reading it, everyone in the committee, and I’m super excited to be working on it.

How are you feeling about your creativity at the moment?

Well I feel a lot better after getting a part in one of the one acts! I sometimes feel like I've hit a wall and right now I’m feeling a little stuck. I’m hoping a new project will help me get unstuck from the mud!

Describe your latest project in 3 words!

Impulsive, questioning, space!

Where can people get it?

It’ll be streamed onto YouTube next month! Just search Theatre 68 and our channel will appear! Also follow @theatre68co on Instagram for updates!

Where do you connect with your audience the most?

Social media. That’s where it’s all happening nowadays.

Who do you spend the most time with when you're creating something new?

Perhaps he doesn’t know it but my boyfriend is one of my strongest muses. He sometimes sends me little things that may help me with the podcast I’m creating with one of my groups or just talking about things not remotely connected to what I’m creating and that distance sometimes helps a lot. Otherwise it’s just me and my hotel-like view from my bedroom window. Sometimes being by myself with a view is just what I need!

Describe how you're feeling in one word!

Right now? Hungry. But also…determined.

Socials and links!

Instagram and TikTok - @n_e_hart

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