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Get to know the talented singer/ songwriter Rose Starring on music and more!

What music can you not stop listening to?

I can’t stop listening to Kali Uchis’s sin miedo // acoustic EP! It’s so beautiful and ethereal. The original album is amazing, but there’s something about the stripped-back versions of “telepatia,” “fue mejor,” and “vaya con dios” that just transports you to another world. She’s a huge inspiration to me!

What kind of music is the most fun for you to make?

For me, making music is the most fun when I have a concept that’s really clever that I’m truly excited about. I love tongue-in-cheek moments in music and clever turns of phrase. I also really love a good diss track. They’re so cathartic to make and you get to embody this aggressive, masculine energy that women traditionally aren’t supposed to, which makes me love it even more. Women should be allowed to express rage!

What kind of music has been the most challenging?

It’s the most challenging for me to release music where I’m truly at my most vulnerable or speaking about situations that I’ve held my tongue on in the past. I spent a lot of my life afraid to speak up for myself, so I still get that instinct that kicks in when I go to release something extremely personal. However, I believe these songs are the most important to release because I think about everyone who has felt the same way and couldn’t speak up for themselves as well. If I can’t do it for myself, I will do it for them.

Are there days off for you?

Hahaha, they are few and far in between, but yes! I currently work full-time in addition to my music career, so sometimes it does seem like there are “no days off,” but I have to make sure that I give myself time to rest. I honestly used to never give myself a break from being “productive” and found myself feeling extremely drained with nothing left to give. This taught me the importance of balance. Giving myself time to recharge has been so important for my mental health and allows me to function at my best.

What is the perfect day for you?

The perfect day for me would involve lots of sun, water, music, and laughter! A day spent by a body of water with friends and my guitar is honestly as close to heaven on earth as I can imagine. Honestly, though, I have many “perfect days” already. Waking up in my studio apartment with my cat and spending the day making music, being creative, and simply enjoying the simplicity of life is something that I am already so grateful for.

Who are you spending it with?

My friends, my sister, or my family. One of the things that I used to long for in life was simply a good group of friends to call my own, and I am so blessed to have the amazing ones that I do in my life. I also count it as a huge blessing for one of my best friends to be my sister and to be as close to my family as I am. My support system is everything to me.

How are you staying connected with fans?

I really love to engage with fans by staying active on social media and always asking for feedback on my work or what they’d like to see next! I adore my supporters with all of my heart and always try to take the time to reply to most of my comments and messages because they all truly do mean the world to me. Being able to connect to people through music has been the biggest blessing in my life.

Where can they follow you and what should they be listening to?

You can follow me on my socials below! I’ve been the most active on Instagram and TikTok lately, but I try to keep them all up to date! My new EP Stages of Grief that was just released May 27th is definitely one that you’ll want to hear. I wrote it in the hopes that I could help other people that are cycling through the stages of grief in the same manner that I was.

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