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The one and only Robert Scott Parker talks love, music and soul!

Where does your love for music come from?

Robert Scott Parker: My love for music comes from The joy I have experienced while listening and being moved by music throughout my life.

What kind of effect do you want to give the world with your music?

Robert Scott Parker: I want my music to affect the world with a sense of wonder, unity and compassion.

What would be the theme song of your band?

Robert Scott Parker: “ Wait On Time” expresses us and our journey.

How much of your soul goes into your music?

Robert Scott Parker: Our music is deeply human and expresses many facets of my soul. When I create music I invest my entire being in it.

Do the rough cuts that you think you could never use ever end up on the final track?

Robert Scott Parker: Our new release, “NoBS 1981” is a live recording with no overdubs or manipulation of any kind therefore it is rough and raw from the opening songs to the final encore. This recording presents us in our most immediate and dynamic way. The entire performance made the final cut.

Give us socials and more of your links! Thank you!

Robert Scott Parker:Scott Parker at “” is under construction and will be up and running within a very short period of time. All of my music and my other creative endeavors will be available there. Also, my book, “The Art of Practice “ it’s available on Amazon and most digital platforms. It is an instruction book of my method for learning how to play the guitar. I will be giving music lessons on my site and they will be available for anyone who wants to Study the Guitar one on one with me using my book. I am also producing videos to be shown on YouTube that will be a demonstration of the different exercises and aspects of my method.

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