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Rhode Island-bred Lainey Dionne is an indie pop singer/songwriter from a small town you’ve probably never heard of. A millennial musician that writes “the sort of music that immediately makes you forget that you left a burning oven on” (Verge), her songs paint a picture of the playlist you steal from your trendy friend. Lainey’s 12 song album “Self Titled” is a roller coaster ride of raw, honest emotions that come with toxic and healthy relationships.

And now she has new music that will no doubt MOVE YOU... check out WHY!

What are you counting down the days on when it comes to your music right now!?

When I get my masters back! I have SOOOOO much new music for you!!!

What does this moment mean for you to be releasing this project?

I want to keep the momentum going man! Releasing my debut full length album Self Titled was a dream but it was a TON of hard work. The album was expensive to produce so I'm waiting a bit before releasing another one but in the meantime I'm releasing singles when I can! If you'd like to donate to the new music you can here, super appreciated!

What are you feeling really grateful for when it comes to your career?

All of the amazing people that surround me. I have amazing parents that have helped me get to the point I am today, amazing friends that support and listen to my music, an amazing boyfriend that is inspiring new love songs, and amazingly talented collaborators on my project! I wouldn't be where I am without the people in my life and I'm super grateful for that!

What is the reality of the music industry vs. what your fans see on your social media?

The music industry is a crazy place. So much time, money, and effort goes into every little detail. What you see on social media in the music industry is usually calculated and I'm not a fan of that. I've never been a fan of phones or capturing the moment through a lense. I'm a live in the moment kind of person so I'm not great at social media anyways haha but what you see on my page is little pieces of me when I remember to post (LOL). Behind the scenes, my car has a million bags of equipment in it, my desk has all half written songs on paper and microphones on it, my laptop is cluttered with files of demos, and I'm running from show to show doing warm up vocal exercises in my car.

Trying to navigate the rise of your career, what or who keeps you grounded?

I've never really thought about being unsteady. I think I naturally feel steady and grounded in this path. I have a career in Music Business from Berklee College of Music so I feel very comfortable in that realm. I've also been playing out for over 5 years now so navigating touring is stressful, but like second nature. I'm always growing as a songwriter from the co-writers I collaborate with to the inspirations I listen to on Spotify. I don't think I ever thought there was any other way in life than to just do what I'm doing so I'm lucky to feel confident and grounded in that!

Can we take a deep dive on your latest hit? Can you share the dynamics of your latest release and how it came to be? Not many know how tough it can be to release music!

Yes! So that would be Vampire. This track is about someone in your life that's so emotionally draining, they suck the fun out of all your moments and keep taking what they can from you. Throughout the song you become so over them that you call them out for what they are: a vampire! In my personal experience, I was dating someone that took everything he could from me and didn't appreciate any of it. Eventually he left me with zero energy to deal with him any longer and I hated that feeling of being used. It's really annoying when people only care about the things you could do for them, instead of caring about you. This track is super fun and upbeat with a pop punk edge to give that angst that you feel when dealing with an emotional vampire! I hope you like it!!

How are you handling the love you are getting from the music you're sharing?

My song I Love You To Death is almost at 100,000 streams which is INSANEEE to me. It's crazy when I have people come to my shows and know the words to my songs. It's an incredible feeling.

Leave us with your links and a little extra love to your fans!

Official Website Instagram Spotify Thank you so much for reading this and supporting my music!!! Please feel free to DM me, I don't bite despite my latest single ;)

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