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Emily Anderson talks what touches her soul and the real soul of music.

How have you been doing this year with creating new music?

I've been going through phases creatively this year. Some weeks feel productive and I can get in the flow and other weeks not so much - I think that's just part of being a human. I'm learning to be kinder to myself and ride those waves with more compassion. I've continued to schedule co-writes, journal and write songs on my own, and I'm so grateful that I've been able to create and teach for a living amidst a global pandemic. We're all just doing our best! I'm especially grateful for all the healthcare workers and essential workers who are the reason we're seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. New year, new music! What's next for you for the next part of this year?

I've got SO MUCH new music on the horizon. It's been years since I've released a full length album so that's the biggest thing that's been in the works. I'm so excited for these songs to be out in the world. I've also got a collaboration EP in the works with an amazing Alaskan producer, Naessie. Our first single is out April 26th and I couldn't be more stoked about it. This project is different from anything I've ever done before - it might be kind of polarizing. But hey, I'm from Alaska so I feel like polarizing is still on brand. Any exciting opportunities coming up for you? I think the most exciting opportunity that awaits me is being able to hug my grandparents again. I'm so grateful we're all vaccinated and I get to spend time with my family again soon! As far as professional opportunities, I'm just happy to be able to talk about performing live in front of a real audience again. I love the flexibility of online shows but I'm very much looking forward to the energy of live performing again. What piece of music do you have on repeat right now? I've been listening a lot to Carole King's "Tapestry" and Peter Mulvey's "There is Another World". I'm learning some Carole King tunes just for fun and Peter Mulvey's album is just so dang good. I've also fallen back in love with Sigrid recently after a writing session where we used one of her songs as a reference. Tell us what you think the soul of music is in your opinion? I think authenticity is the real soul of music. You're going to make your best work if it's honest and genuinely you. I've been trying to remind myself of that with my own music and really have fun with it. How do we continue to follow your journey? The yellow brick road! Or you can find me on Instagram (@emilyandersonak), TikTok (@emilyandersonmusic), Facebook (, and Patreon for behind the scenes and first dibs on all my new releases (

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