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The Love, The Music and the Soul of Aleena Loren.

Where does the soul of your music come from?

AL: I'm not the most emotional person at the moment,so when I am I feel them quite strongly. My music's soul is derived from prior experiences and profound emotions. You always bring us on a musical journey! Where did the heart of this come from?

AL: I’ve always loved music and I love people. I am very passionate about what I create, creating music that has a feeling, making people feel understood and not alone. How would you describe your latest single to someone who is new to your music? AL: I would say it's a relatable heartbreak track that describes being let down from a relationship. How much love do you put into putting each record together?

AL: ALLLLOOTT, there's so much that goes into a record. Is there a fine line of what you put in your music?

AL: I always make sure I stay honest with my lyrics and not write lyrics that aren't true to me. Is there music that you have but don't want to put out yet? AL: Yes! It's not that I don't want to, it's just unfinished! I have an ep on the way! Thank you for this interview Aleena! Share all the Socials: AL:

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