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The Reveal is coming out of the shadows and raising their standards with their music.

Can you tell us where the name The Reveal originated from?

Dustin did a magic trick in our friend Scotty's van. The name revealed itself from underneath a cloud of smoke.

Where does the soul of your music come from?

The shadows

You always bring us on a musical journey! Where did the heart of this come from?

The intentions of albums are a playlist of ideas clumped together. The intention of concept albums are fine art, a full-length experience where everything is connected, like a world of its own. It's harder to do that but someones gotta do it to preserve the soul of art and fight through "content creators" just making business moves. We want something that has a purpose and can last as cool art for longevity. Also, it's just hard to decide what direction to choose from all our ideas. So we organize them in a way where it feels like a journey, instead of just random ideas.

How would you describe your latest single to someone who is new to your music?

Help This Man was the very first song Dustin had to show Josh before the band even existed.

How much love do you put into putting each record together?

Way too much. We should put in less in the future so the process doesn't take so long.

Is there a fine line of what you put in your music and what you don't?

We prefer the original instrumentation of the band with very specific production ideas that go conceptually with each individual song to illustrate the best possible soundscape to present the song properly.

Is there music that you aren't prepared to release yet? Why?

Yeah... There's a pretty elaborate plan brewing right now. We're trying to raise our standards for production and use our choice of engineers for more than just sound quality.

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