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Performing artist A.M. Sokoll shares his passion for his music!

Where does the soul come from when you're writing?

For me the soul is rooted in authenticity. By staying true to who I am while creating, I'm able to put in as much energy and passion as possible. Soul is rooted in passion, so the more you care, the more your soul will shine.

How much love goes into your music?

*Stretches arms as wide as he can* THIS much.

In all seriousness, more than the love I put into most things or people. Being a musician, singer and artist has always just felt right, so when I'm doing it I can feel all the love I have to give poured into it.

How do you mentally prepare to record a new song?

For me, mental preparation doesn't go into the recording of a song because by the time that button is pressed, I know what the song is and feel good enough about it to record. At that point it's usually the most exciting and doesn't require much mental focus. My mental focus is much more centered on sharing music with others, which even then is very brief and involves me telling myself "You know this is good. Show them."

How long does this process usually take?

It depends on the song. For my upcoming album Wings on the Way Down, some songs came together really quickly, some did initially but required extensive tweaking and some took a long time overall. The majority of the album was written from August last year to this past February, but a couple songs have instrumental ideas from when I started writing music in 2017 (PSA: TAKE NOTE OF OR RECORD EVERYTHING!)

I will say I felt things move too quickly in parts in the making of this record, but I attribute that to trying to stay busy amid the pandemic. I'm planning for the next record to be much more gradual of a development.

Congrats on the NEW music! Tell our audience about the album!

Thank you! Long time coming. The album is inspired by my time in therapy in 2019. During those sessions I watched the framework for who I thought I was crumble. I always aspired to be extroverted, social, someone people wanted to be around. But there was a dissonance between who I was internally and externally, and that caused great mental and emotional turmoil. The album is a reflection of learning how to be my own person and the roller coaster of a journey that was. (PSA PT. 2: HIGHER PRIORITIZE YOUR MENTAL HEALTH)

Give us your socials!

You can find me on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram at @amsokollmusic. All my socials and streaming links are at and you can pre-save/order Wings on the Way Down before it drops Wednesday, August 25!

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