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How Travis Reigh's latest music hit poured out!

Where did the soul for your latest single come from?

Most of the soul came from this song by being next to the lake after a show. When you’re in a certain setting memories come flying back. The words hit and it just poured out. Like the lyrics say “Yeah we’re right where we belong”.

Why were you inspired to make this song?

The inspiration from this song came from how we feel when we are enjoying a nice day on the water. Fishing, having a few drinks, hanging out with friends, just having a great time.

How much love did you put into the songwriting process?

Every song I or my guitarist Trey Tucker write we take very seriously. We put how we feel into every song with experiences as well. We also try to see how someone can relate to it.

What is the balance of getting all the pieces together?

A lot of it is spending hours in the studio, brainstorming, and deciding what it needs to get the best sound. We will make a road map basically on what we want in each part and what other sounds we can bring into it. We will do this until we are fully satisfied with the song before release.

What's the next step for the song?

As much promotion as possible. This is a great song and we want the world to hear it and love it. Especially when they are enjoying a day on the water.

What's the next step for you?!

Right now I'm working with my team to set up a great tour in 2022. We are very excited about that. We are also working on new music currently for the fans.

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