Ali Henderson takes us on a journey of her music and writing stylings.

What's your favorite song to play of yours? Ali: My latest single “Emotional Vampire” How did the lyrics come about? Ali: I just poured my guts out during a writing session one day. It was honestly more like a therapy session, haha. Was it a difficult writing process? Ali: No, it came very naturally for us I feel. Because I was so fired up, so ready to get this song off my chest. It was so much fun to write with that kind of energy. What is your style when writing new music? Ali: I always co-write, so I like to piece my thoughts together and then just talk through it with the other writers, have a conversation. Naturally during that conversation somebody usually says something that sticks and then we Frankenstein a song together :) What was the foundation of this single? Ali: I think the foundation is the storyline. We wanted the lyric to be super visual and for people to be there with me. How can fans get a look inside your world? Ali: Instagram. I don’t post to my feed every day but my insta stories are full of my nonsense. Could you leave us with your favorite lyrics you've ever written? Ali: They are actually from my next single... it’s all about just wanting to hook up and not get to know anyone or let anyone in. The lyric is: “I don’t want you getting close to me, just wanna feel you getting close to me”. Which for me means, I wanna feel your skin on my skin, but don’t get any closer than that, you know? Where do you connect most with your fans? Ali: On stage. I have the best freaking time and I think that’s when people really really connect back with me. Socials: