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Max Gall is giving us a look inside the soul of his music.

Where does the soul of your music come from?

The soul of my music stems from the comfort that I have found in music over my lifetime. From the time I was a little kid there was just something about music that spoke to me, and even before I picked up the guitar I remember finding so much joy in singing along to songs on the radio. I think everyone has that certain thing that moves them deeply and sticks with them throughout life. Maybe for some it's art, books, sports, it could be anything at all... Music just happened to be that certain thing for me.

Why were you inspired to make your latest release? My latest release was a live session that I recorded with a good friend of mine, Alex Price. We both had a free Saturday so we just got together and threw up some mics and some video cameras and did a few takes of each song. He then took all the recordings and video and when he sent me the mixes I was beyond pleased with how well he had done with them. Originally, I was only going to release these as videos but I was so happy with our performance and the mix of the songs that I decided to release them on all streaming platforms as well.

How would you describe the release in one word? Unplanned

How much love do you put into making a new Single?

I put the same amount of love into all my songs. Every time I sit down to write I try to approach it with the same appreciation and excitement as the one before. If I’m just not finding that same feeling then I either trash it or step away from it until I’m inspired by the idea.

How much time do you have to make sure you spend on new music?

The amount of time I spend on new music varies from song to song. Some songs come together a lot quicker than others do. I’ve written songs in 15 minutes and I’ve written songs over 5+ years. One of my favorite songs of mine, Hidden Away, took me around 6 years to finish.

Is there a fine line of revealing too much of yourself in your music?

At one point I felt concerned about putting out songs that were maybe too personal. I worried that they might reveal too much about who I am as a person. I don’t really worry myself with that anymore, I’m a pretty open person and if people don’t like what I’ve got to offer then that’s perfectly fine.

How do you make sure to always serve your fans the best of you?

Practice a lot and be sure to keep things fresh for myself so that I’m always excited to play. Remind myself of what the songs mean to me often so that when I am performing them a lot I don’t become numb to them.

Where do we stream and support you?

You can find me on all streaming platforms and I’ve got live videos up on YouTube. You can follow along with me on socials @maxgallmusic

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