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You'll know exactly why GoodLove has been such a huge success for Matt Freedman once you listen!

Where did the soul for your latest single GoodLove come from? My Wife, Lindsey! I've had a crush on her since we were teenagers, and I wanted my debut release to be about her, and the love that I have for her. She's incredibly supportive of my music career, and I wanted to share with the world how I feel about her. Congratulations on the release of the single and the 100k streams in the first MONTH!!! How excited were you? It has been a wild ride! I'm incredibly blessed to have the support for this song that I've had. It's really been inspiring to keep pushing, writing and recording. I've been writing and touring for over 15 years, so it's great to finally be launching a solo career with such great momentum. I'm very humbled and blessed. Why were you inspired to make this song? Over the summer of 2021, my wife and I took a trip to The Outer Banks with our extended family, and it was an amazing time. I was sitting on the beach with the sun shining, and she shot me one of those looks like she used to when we were young.. and it just inspired me to write an appreciation song about her. So many people have that person in their life, and I feel like we go through life so many times without telling them exactly how we feel about them. In the end, it's the people that we hold in our lives that will carry on our legacy, and Lindsey is that person for me. I wanted her to have a forever token to remind her how I feel about our relationship. How much love did you put into the songwriting process? All of it! :) This is one of those rare songs that poured out of me in about 20 minutes, and knew it was going to be special. What is the balance of getting all the pieces together? It's a collaborative process with the production team, engineers, and folks in the room with you at the time to get it just right. Good Love only took a few weeks to perfect (getting levels, guitar tones, vocals recorded, snare drum sonics correct, etc). It's always a matter of listening on multiple device types when you get final mixes back that can really set the song apart from others. You have to put yourself in the listener's ear to anticipate how they will consume your music, and make sure it sounds as great in headphones as it does at a tailgate coming through truck speakers, as it does playing it live. What's the next step for the song? We're playing it at every show, and having great success with it! It always gets people dancing, and it's remarkable to see everyone grab their person in the room.. the song truly brings people together and it's been amazing to see it first hand. You're awesome! Share all the Socials and links to stream GOODLOVE!!!!!

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