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Today we chatted with the fabulously talented Kayla Mercuri about her latest EP "No Turning Back", why her song "I Am Forever" holds close to her heart and how she won ours!

Hello Kayla!!! Let's get right into it!! We need to hear about what is inspiring your music right NOW! Any secret projects in the works that you can share with us?! Yes! So it’s not too much of a secret now, but my newest EP titled No Turning Back just came out! There are four original pop songs on there that I wrote, and I am so excited that it's finally available everywhere for you to listen and check out. But, if you want the real secrets, I am working on some merch that will hopefully be coming out in early 2021..stayed tuned! What is a hurdle that ended up inspiring you in your career? One of my favorite songs off my EP called “I Am Forever” which was inspired by a difficult job situation I was in. At the time, I was a contract employee and was doing the same work as permanent employees, but without any of the benefits or stability. I related it to being in a casual relationship, where you are doing all the things you would be doing in a committed relationship, but there is no commitment. The song talks about finding your confidence and knowing what you're worth, and not accepting anything less, which has carried through into all aspects of my life (including my music career)! What is a beautiful piece of advice that has carried you through this year as an artist? “There is no right time..just do it.” It’s easy to overthink and try to hold onto things for as long as possible to ensure they are “perfect” - but the best moment you have is the present. I really had to take this advice when putting out my EP. I’ve found that perfectionism stifles creativity and it’s better to show up, then not show up at all. Where is a place you can’t wait to go back and perform and why? London!! Oh my gosh, if I could live there I would - I love London so much. I performed at The Elephant’s Head Pub in Camden while I was studying abroad in 2017, and it's one of my favorite sets I’ve done. When I first started playing, the entire pub went silent - that was the best feeling in the world, captivating an audience like that. Thank you for taking the time out of your day to chat with us Kayla!! Where can our readers go and follow EVERYTHING you're up to!? It was great chatting with you too! Yes, please check out all of my links below - I would absolutely LOVE to connect with you:

Instagram: @KaylaMercuri TikTok: @Kayla_Mercuri Facebook: @Kayla Mercuri Music Twitter: @KaylaMercuri Website:

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