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The sensational Singer/ Songwriter Tiffany Sayers is sharing new and more music!

What kind of music are you listening to right now that's on repeat?

These days I’m all about low stress and good vibes, so I have been listening to a lot of Sade. She puts me in a relaxed, chill mood-I love her voice! I’ve also been listening to the pop/r&b duo Emotional Oranges. Their super groovy tracks put me in the right state of mind no matter what I’m going through.

How much love do you pour into your own music?

So much love! Music fulfills me and enriches my life, so all the love I get from it, I put right back in. I don’t half-ass anything when it comes to my music. I take it seriously from the moment the songwriting process begins all the way through mastering the track.

What is the most exciting part about recording new music?

It’s a chance to create something fresh and show even more of myself or a different side of myself. It's also an opportunity to collaborate with other people and experiment with mixing genres. It's fun to start thinking about new stories to tell and ways I can express them.

You have a song out now Trippin Over You. We believe all songs take a little soul of the artists, was this a single close to your heart?

It is definitely a song that speaks to the wild side of my heart when it comes to love. The side that takes chances and will go for it even if I’m skeptical and the outcome is unknown.

Anything in the works right now?

I just released a new single called My Body Knows on 3/11 and am putting together a virtual concert set with my guitarist Michael Kohl. We will be performing my new singles along with songs from my debut EP, 12:22, and some covers!

How do we follow you and your music?

My music is on ALL streaming platforms, and here are my socials, website, and Spotify.


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