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We had the pleasure to chat with the gifted Singer/ Songwriter Sarah Harralson on her latest holiday release "Frosty", what made her "Frosty" and how she got it to inspire her!

Hello Sarah!! We are LOVING your latest holiday release "Frosty"! What inspired the song?!

I had the idea to write a holiday song titled, "Frosty", but to change up the meaning and make it about a cold-hearted woman instead. It's not your typical holiday song, but that's why it works great this year!

What made you "Frosty" when it came to being an artist that now you've defrosted about?!

Everyone is guilty of acting "frosty". I used to always compare myself to other artists and writers in town and become discouraged with my own work. I realized that I am my own unique creative, so I shouldn't compare myself to people, I should only be inspired by them and figure out what my own path looks like.

What’s the best part of being a creative?

You never know what you will create! I love listening back to work tapes after a song was just written and compare it to a full production track. There's so many things around us that can be a song, so you never know what you will write.

What is a beautiful piece of advice that has carried you through this year as an artist?

It's ok to take a break and just work on your craft. That has been the case with many of us this year with live music being put to a halt. I have utilized the time to write more songs and record some of my catalog. Taking a small break can help you do some soul searching as an artist, and the down time has allowed me to figure out my brand more.

Thank you for taking the time out of your day to chat with us Sarah!! Where can our readers go to listen to "Frosty" and follow your amazing musical journey!?!

Of course! You can listen to "Frosty" on any listening platform (Spotify, Apple Music, etc.) and follow me on social media or my website

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