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Hailing from Lima, Dzasko is the musical project of record producer, singer-songwriter, and DJ Diego Zevallos The constant experimentation of programming instruments slowly gravitated into electronic music after a “spiritual” experience with Dance Music growing up in Lima’s electronic music scene. During those early years of production songs such as 'Why do You love me, 'Conquer', and 'Time is on your side' came to life, which charted number 4 on the Progressive House Charts from Beatport. By 2019 he found himself experimenting with different genres. Introducing new songs like Numb (2020) and Eclipse (2021) together with J.Laser. Letters from California (2021) is his debut EP, recorded in between Los Angeles and Joshua Tree. Introducing a retro-futuristic landscape and incorporating a live band for shows.

Thank you for letting us interview you! Let us in on your new music! When did you record it?

In between Los Angeles and Paris.

Any writing traditions you have when you're in that mode?

I try to be as true as possible.

Any other traditions you have when you're in your recording process?

I normally have the TV on, I like to put on a show, soccer match but it’s always muted. It’s just to create visual stimulation.

What challenges come with recording?

Probably trying to come out with everything “fast”. I have to keep myself engaged. Since I don’t have a full band for recordings, I try to record most instruments myself.

Who did you collaborate with in the studio?

I work a lot of sessions with Jordan Lawlor, he is an amazing producer!

Any recording stories you have that you'll remember forever from this music? Please share one with us!

I remember watching the movie “CQ” by Roman Coppola the day I started working on the main idea for “Like this” . It definitely sparked something.

Love that movie!

What do you want fans to appreciate about your artistry when it comes to the new music?

I guess lyrics and overall intention.

After the new year we typically forget about our resolutions, have you kept yours when it comes to your music making?

Yes, my new year resolution was to finish my 2nd EP and start to play more.

Luckily it’s happening, the EP is done and I’m doing more shows now.

Give us your link for the music to stream, stream, stream!

Thank you for chatting with us! Where can our audience go to follow and support your stellar music journey!

You can follow me on all social media platforms.


Twitter:https: //




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