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Why Valid Point won't quit music and more.

Where does the soul of your music come from?

I do not write anymore. I don't listen to beats unless I am in front of a microphone because the music just comes out. I think a lot about what people might relate to, and try to translate that into lyrics that fit a melody that I am working with.

Why were you inspired to make your latest single?

Honestly, I was inspired because I was in the room with such great talent. I had never worked with Autrey before, but I knew that I wanted to capitalize on her being there. I had a totally different hook for "I'm Sorry" and was about to scrap the whole project when she walked in. She liked the beat that CVNDER made and wanted to keep going. We played with melodies for a while and eventually "I'm Sorry" happened.

How would you describe the single in one word?


How much love do you put into making a new single?

How do you measure love? I always try to put at least 10 loves into each song.

How do you keep the momentum going?

I can't quit. I have talked to so many people that have wanted to quit, and if they did, then they would not be seeing the success that they are experiencing now. I love music too much to let it go anyway. I do not understand when people say things like "I used to sing". To me it's like, "did you forget?" Music is a part of me, it's not a hobby. If I did not have music in my life, then I am not sure what I would be bringing to the table.

How much time do you have to make sure you spend on new music?

I pursue music full time! God has blessed my wife and I to the point where the music is supporting itself, and my wife supports me. Sometimes, she believes in me and my music more than I do. That being said, I treat it like a job. I am working on music, in some aspect, every day for at least 8 hours.

Is there a fine line of revealing too much of yourself in your music?

For sure! It is a weird role sometimes, because as an artist you can be whatever you want to be. You make music about cars you don't own and money you don't have, but that never really hits like true lyrics. Again, I try to think more about "will anyone relate to this" or "will this help anyone". There are definitely things that I would not bring up because I would not want to bring people down.

How do you make sure to always serve your fans the best of you?

When I was 13 or so, I would listen to music in my room a lot. I remember playing Relient K on repeat (specifically the MMHMM album) because I felt like they were speaking to me. I think about that moment a lot, and how I can be that to somebody now. It is crazy when fans reach out and tell me that my music has helped them. This definitely keeps me motivated to consistently put music out.

Where do we stream and support you?

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