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We are excited to be interviewing the dope band Water Tower! And it's everything from Christmas, collaborations and honestly we just can't WAIT to hear more!!

Water Tower!!! We are so excited you're interviewing with us! You all are dope! Tell us how you are wrapping up your 2020 when it comes to your music!? Anything you're working on? Dropping soon!?

THANK YOU! we are SO excited to be chatting with y'all! As far as finishing up the year, we are giving out individually wrapped candy canes to the fans who drive by us in the morning. Usually in the AM we play music for cars in Los Angeles. Since we are nearing Christmas, we want to give all the fans on the road something to remember us by. Usually we just wear light up Santa hats and play the classic Christmas tunes. This year we have a candy cane with our contact info on it hehe...thanks management ( As far as music dropping soon though, we are hard at work to finish a 182 Water and Dre Drinkard tune called "Covid Island". The theme here has to do with being stuck in place, and the everyday activities that go along with such an action. Just to clarify, this is the hip-hop side of our planet.

What’s a new collaboration you’re working on that is getting you really excited for 2021?

Getting REALLY excited about working with a very talented artist named Jon Hill. He is a drummer, rapper, singer and good friend, but we are working together on a whole new sound that he has in his head. We are going to help him unearth the music deep inside of his soul in order to share it with YOU!

How did your career change in the last year that you’re grateful for?

This year has honestly been crazy for us in a good way. Now that people are at home, there have never been more idle eyes searching for new and engaging content/music, so being quarantined really forced us to learn some new tricks. I am SO grateful to have had this time to hunker down with the crew and learn more music, and more social media strategy (which was something I NEVER wanted to do until 10 months ago). I made a conscious shift. I really never thought social media would last this long. I used to think that it was all going to shrivel up and go away and WOW I was wrong! I love being wrong though because the faster I fail, the quicker I learn. This year I decided to learn about what makes social media tick, and how I might be able to leverage simple and effective techniques for spreading our music to more ears.

What was the last milestone you’ve hit in your career?

The last milestone was getting to work with many of our heroes this year. We are not able to actually say the names yet, but in 2021 we will have some exciting announcements. As far as a milestone that is something to share with you right now, we made it on Netflix twice this year. A show called "Country Ever After" and a show called "Love Story”.

Please tell us where we can keep up with EVERYTHING Water Tower because I know our readers are going to want to support all your endeavors!!

Awwww thank you! It sure has been fun to chat! Thank you for talking with us.

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