Skull & Headphones

*  Tell us the brief history of Skull and Headphones.
*  Who are your musical and non musical influences?
*  Current Dreams and goals?
*  Are your songs personal in nature or no?
*  What's your outlook on the current record industry?
*  Where can we catch your next gig?

Five years ago I decided to become a dance music artist, so I locked myself in the studio and made all this music I'm releasing now.  I once produced dance music events in New York City before making music, but that's another story!

 Music wise it would be artists like CTZN SR, Donna Summer, ABC, and Yaz, I synthesize these pan-genre inspirations into a signature aesthetic!

To be able to connect with my fans directly would be really cool and to make music with artists that I admire like Lbastian would be some of my goals in 2019. I'm already living the dream to be an artist making dance music for my tribe!

If you're asking me about the track "Do You Like" of course not as I'm a very good boy and I know nothing about that filthy, dirty things that track is talking about! 

If I only knew everything I would be better equipped to answer this question, but since I don't BsquaredMGMT guides me through this maze of pirates that left the Caribbean for the music industry! On a serious note, it mostly hurts when one of your friends gets laid off from a Record label.

 I'm working on a few gigs for the winter months and the spring festivals season for 2019.


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