Straight outta Phoenix and just outside of your comfort zone.  Like a low rider drive across the mojave without any air conditioning, The Blankz are SMOKIN' HOT. 
Their new album, WHITE BABY, is a collection of weirdo pop songs to make you dance while collectively head banging your way through the sonic blast of musical genius.  Reminiscent of the 90's when punk was pop and pop was badass, The Blankz waste no time letting you know they're a band without reverence, without musical limitations and packed full of in your face attitude and killer riffs. Phoenix is known for some great music, but this band is set  to put Phoenix on FIRE with their fresh sound and refreshing throwback curve balls.  The Blankz remind you why you ever fell in love with music and rad bands in the first place.  Do yourself a solid and download this album now.  Better yet grab your skateboard and rush down to the record store to buy the vinyl version. The Blankz are delicious.  
We Ate It Up