EDM Duo VIRGIN SKULLS is made up of Marco & Tiro and taking the East Coast Scene to a new level.  HERE TO ROCK YOUR WORLD is more than just the name of their new single, it's the anthem to their plan of action and make no mistake about it, Virgin Skulls are here with Dope new sounds and they're definitely here to ROCK YOU.    READ ON.

Do you enjoy traveling and touring?
MARCO:   Yes, I definitely enjoy traveling & touring very much.  Visiting different places & connecting directly with people through the love of music. It's a great feeling & I'm very much looking forward to doing that with The Virgin Skulls project.  

Your favorite LIVE shows so far?

MARCO: My favorites thus far would probably be Webster Hall N.Y.C. & The Key Club in L.A.  

I've seen some of my favorite artists on those stages, so it's a pretty wicked feeling to have been added to those lists.

Any crazy fan or club stories to share with our readers?

TIRO:   I have a few! So it's my first Gig as the Music Director Of Webster Hall, and my dear friend asked me to entertain two of his girlfriends. I'm like yeah sure, so I let these two attractive young ladies into the club, they hang out with me for a minute, then I have to get back to work and make sure everything is ok with the artist I've just booked for that night.  An Hour later I go for a walk around the club, and I find them both In the DJ booth naked in the Marling Room on the first floor. Luckily I really can't get into trouble in this Club because my friends own the place. So I asked them to please get dressed. So now I know I can't leave them alone without them getting themselves into trouble. So I bring them into the VIP area to keep an eye on them, and let me tell you it wasn't easy the rest of the night!! I've never seen anything like this before! 

If you weren't in the music business how would you be spending your time?

TIRO: I believe I would be working on Mesh Networks, the Internet of things and how to integrate them into Fintech.

All of your music is extremely catchy and unique.  Do you strive to be original, or does it just happen organically?

MARCO:  Thanks for the love!  I think it's a bit of both. Most of the time organically, but if something is starting to sound too much like something else out there, we make adjustments.  

We believe innovation is key to a great rising & have sacrificed much for that belief. So, it's such an honor that you & many others are connecting to what we are channeling. 

Do you think your genre is growing and who do you see as the front runners in your style of music currently?

TIRO:  Absolutely!  When I first started promoting, House Music events it was still very undergrown not even the term EDM, existed at the time. Now It's as big as Rock and Roll, thank the heavens.

When will the full album be available and will it be on Vinyl?

MARCO:  We have our EP " HERE TO ROCK YOUR WORLD" dropping in the beginning of November with pre-order available in October. 

It will be digitally 1st but we will have something special for the vinyl heads soon after. 

Your next show?

TIRO: Our next one is at 3-D Cafe´ In West New York, NJ.  I grew up in this area so it's a pleasure to play for my people!
We'll really kick it into gear
following our release in November.